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Missoula is an arts community.  That’s not a secret.  Every year Missoula finds itself listed in a new national study highlighting our strength in the arts (read article here). These studies make clear that our nonprofit arts organizations are strong, and that overall, our arts and cultural events and activities have been a boon to our local economy. 

What’s been missing in all this has been the artists themselves.  Being a professional artist is a challenge.  The creation, inspiration, working in one’s studio, honing a craft – that’s the enjoyable part, and it is why folks decide to pursue their craft professionally.   What is harder, and often neither the strength nor the passion of an artist, is the business part – marketing, budgeting, looking for gigs or gallery opportunities.  And even if one is successful in this latter area, all too often it is still difficult to make ends meet.  Paying for groceries, rent, travel (if you are an artist in Montana, you must travel) can all too often force artists to look for other, more affordable communities to live in. 

As a strong arts community, we want our artists to live here!  But one look at the rising housing prices indicates how difficult it is for many to continue living in Missoula.  Now in its second year, Arts Missoula offers an Artist Grant, which will be used to provide grants to individual artists in our community so they can continue to live and work here.  Arts Missoula will provide multiple individual artists up to $2,500, in unrestricted grant funds to help establish and grow a Missoula-based livelihood in the arts. We recognize the challenges artists face in sustaining a career in the arts. We also recognize the value that these artists bring to our community and culture. These grants are focused on community-building through the arts, providing financial assistance for individual artists living in Missoula County, whose creative work connects with and enriches our community. This is not a project-based grant per se, but an opportunity to support the individual artists living in Missoula to pursue their creative journey as it relates to connecting with our local area. Special consideration will be given to those whose work and story intersect with and enhances the community. 

Individual artists must be 18 years and older, and applicants must currently be residing in Missoula County for a minimum of one year, as well as for the life of the grant.  Applicants need to be currently working in the field of visual or performing arts, at any career stage.  Aside from exhibiting high artistic quality, innovation, and creativity, artists will have the opportunity to demonstrate interaction with Missoula community members through exhibitions, installations, performances, or any other events or activities that are accessible to the public.

At Arts Missoula, we see this development as a major step in building an ever more vibrant community for arts and culture.  We look forward to building the Arts Missoula Artist Grant into a sustainable program, able to fund local artists year after year. 

To apply, Click Here!

Heather Adams, Executive Director Arts Missoula

Arts Missoula is excited to announce the Arts and Culture Awards Program this spring in June 2023.  Established in 1999, these awards demonstrate the importance of the arts as they relate to Missoula’s quality of life by honoring those who have made significant contributions to the arts community. The Arts & Culture Award winners will be honored at a reception scheduled for

Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 4:30 pm at Missoula’s Doubletree Hotel.

Tickets to attend the event and further details will be available online after April 15th.

2022 Missoula Arts & Culture Awards Reception

Watch the 2022 awards presentation and reception


·The Cultural Ambassador Award, honoring someone who has consistently supported the arts community and cultural diplomacy is awarded to Mayor John Engen.

·The Individual Artist, presented to someone who has shown exceptional achievement in their chosen craft, is awarded to Joy French, founder, choreographer, and dancer of Bare Bait Dance Company.

·The Arts Educator, honoring an outstanding local educator who has devoted a career to teaching the arts, is awarded to Rob Tapper, Professor of Trombone & Director of Jazz Studies at UM.

·The Business Support for the Arts, given to businesses that have provided long-term support to Missoula’s artists and arts organizations, is awarded to Logjam Presents.

·The Cultural Vision Award, honoring artistic and cultural programming, goes to Open Air.


Past Award Recipients

2020 Honorees

2020 Cultural Ambassador: Nancy Matthews

2020 Individual Artist: Margaret Baldridge

2020 Arts Educator: John Combs

2020 Business Support for the Arts: Blackfoot Communications

2020 Cultural Vision: Zootown Arts Community Center

2019 Honorees

2019 Cultural Ambassador: Mark Thane

2019 Individual Artist: Corwin “Corky” Clairmont

2019 Arts Educator: Matt Loehrke

2019 Business Support for the Arts: Kimberley Roth / Merrill Lynch

2019 Cultural Vision: Marc Moss

2018 Honorees

2018 Cultural Achievement: Sharon Snavely

2018 Individual Artist: James Lee Burke

2018 Arts Educator: H. Rafael Chacon

2018 Business Support for the Arts: Montana Public Radio

2018 Cultural Vision: Charlene Campbell Carey

2017 Honorees

2017 Cultural Achievement: Stephen Glueckert

2017 Cultural Vision: Roxy Theater

2017 Arts Educator: Karen Callen

2017 Business Support for the Arts: Downtown Missoula Partnership

2017 Individual Artist: Chuck Florence

2016 Honorees

2016 Cultural Achievement: John Driscoll

2016 Cultural Vision: Clay Studio of Missoula

2016 Arts Educator: Dorothy Morrison

2016 Business Support for the Arts: Flanagan Motors

2016 Individual Artist: Kendahl Jan Jubb

2015 Honorees

2015 Cultural Achievement: William Marcus

2015 Individual Artist: Stephen Kalm

2015 Arts Educator: Karen Kaufman

2015 Business Support for the Arts: Heather Adams, Downtown Dance Collective

2015 Cultural Vision: Michael McGill, MCT Inc.

2014 Honorees

2014 Cultural Achievement: Cathy Capps

2014 Individual Artist: Beth Lo

2014 Arts Educator: Tarn Ream & Lisa Deer

2014 Business Support for the Arts: Missoula Federal Credit Union

2014 Cultural Vision: Joel Baird, MCAT

2013 Honorees

2013 Cultural Achievement: Carol Stovall

2013 Individual Artist: Darko Butorac

2013 Arts Educator: Mohan Kartha

2013 Business Support for the Arts: The Good Food Store

2013 Cultural Vision: Kim Anderson

2012 Honorees

2012 Cultural Achievement: Herb Swick

2012 Individual Artist: David Horgan

2012 Arts Educator: Carla Getz

2012 Business Support for the Arts: Crossings Collaboration

2012 Cultural Vision: Greg Johnson

2011 Honorees

2011 Cultural Achievement: Jim & Marci Valeo

2011 Individual Artist: Michael Marsolek

2011 Arts Educator: Dean Peterson

2011 Business Support for the Arts: 103.3 The Trail

2011 Cultural Vision: International Choral Festival

2010 Honorees

2010 Cultural Achievement: Bruce Micklus, and Don & Pat Simmons

2010 Business Support for the Arts: First Security Bank

2010 Cultural Program of the Year: Amy Martin, Y Music

2009 Honorees

2009 Cultural Achievement: James Todd and Pat Williams

2009 Business Support for the Arts: The Missoulian

2008 Honorees

2008 Cultural Achievement: Tom & Ann Boone and Ray & Susie Risho

2008 Business Support for the Arts: Advanced Litho Printing

2007 Honorees

2007 Cultural Achievement: Lance Boyd, William Kittredge, Jodi Marshall and Laura Millin

2007 Business Support for the Arts: Dana Gallery and Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

2006 Honorees

2006 Cultural Achievement: Alayne Dolson, Joseph Henry and Geoff Sutton

2006 Business Support for the Arts: Allegra Print and Imaging and A.L.P.S.

2005 Honorees

2005 Cultural Achievement: Eugene Andrie, Dana Boussard, Juliette Crump and Annick Smith

2005 Business Support for the Arts: Dollar Rent-a-Car and Gateway Printing

2003 Honorees (Awarded January 2004)

2003 Cultural Achievement: Geoff Badenoch, Sheryl Noethe, Rudy Autio and Gerald Doty

2003 Business Support for the Arts: Southgate Mall and Rockin’ Rudy’s

2002 Honorees

2002 Cultural Achievement: John & Sue Talbot, Theresa Cox, James Welch and Barbara Theroux

2000 Honorees

2000 Cultural Achievement: Terry Conrad, Don Carey, Jim Caron and Monte Dolack

1999 Honorees

1999 Cultural Achievement: Jo-Anne Mussulman, Joseph Mussulman and David Nelson

Spring 2023 World View Film Series at The Roxy

Help us have another record-breaking season this Spring by attending our four-film series on Cultures In Love. All films are FREE and open to the public because of the generous support of these businesses and organizations in Missoula: Rideg Law, US Bank Southside Branch, The Roxy Theater and Lake Missoula Tea Company.

A “Big Thank You” to our sponsors in Fall 2022: Rideg Law, US Bank Southside Branch, The Roxy theater, Lake Missoula Tea Company, Pink Grizzly, SG Long, International Rescue Committee, Jeannette Rankin Peace Center and the Montana Educator’s Credit Union (MECU)

Udo Fluck hosts the evenings, every second Monday of the month, at 7 PM at The Roxy Theater, located at 718 S. Higgins Avenue. Local artist Courtney Blazon designs the official poster for each fall and spring season.

Screening Dates and Film Titles:

February 13, Like Water For Chocolate (1992) Mexico
March 13, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) China
April 10,  Supernova (2020) UK
May 8, Bride & Prejudice (2004) India

Spring World View Film Series / International Voices Podcast

Lunchbox Radio Promos

Radio Promo February

About the World View Film Series

In the fall of 2018, Arts Missoula GLOBAL in collaboration with The Roxy Theater inaugurated the World View Film Series, which screens four international movies (either foreign productions or with a focus on a country abroad) in the fall and four in the spring of each year. A five-person committee selects a seasonal focus and the corresponding films.

The film series provides a “Window to the World” for Missoula that is FREE and open to the public!

Past seasonal themes included:  

Fall 2022Cultures Healing (Films about cultures recovering from trauma)

Spring 2022Cultures in Words (Films about writing and writers) With post-film discussion hosted by Marisa Diaz-Waian, from Merlin CCC

Fall 2021 – Cultures in Flux (Films about movement in societies) With post-film discussion hosted by Marisa Diaz-Waian, from Merlin CCC

Spring 2021 – Cultures Coming Together (Films about freedom and democracy) With post-film discussion hosted by Marisa Diaz-Waian, from Merlin CCC.

Fall 2020Cultures at the Table (Films about food in movies) In collaboration with the Missoula Public Library.
Learn more.

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we pivoted and offered the World View Film Series as a virtual event, with increased access, by partnering with the Missoula Public Library and their streaming service Kanopy. A post-film community conversation on Zoom was offered, following each film, inspired by questions raised in the movie. The conversations had the aim of creating a space for thoughtful dialogue, reflection, and sharing. The post-film community conversations on Zoom were hosted by the Humanities Montana and Arts Missoula GLOBAL and moderated by members of these three organizations.

Spring 2020 – The Roxy Theater was closed, due to COVID-19.

Fall 2019 – Cultures on Display (Films about art in movies)

Spring 2019 – Cultures in Harmony (Films about music in movies)

Fall 2018 – Cultures in Motion (Films about dance in movies)

All Poster Art by Courtney Blazon.


For over thirty years, Missoula’s annual book festival has paid tribute to the tradition of writing in the West by bringing together authors from across the region. In 2015, what was the Humanities Montana Festival of the Book became The Montana Book Festival as an Incubator Program of Arts Missoula. Since then, The Montana Book Festival has been a grassroots organization, relying on individual donations, grants, corporate sponsorships, a handful of dedicated locals and the enduring support of the Montana literary community to survive. We have worked to build upon the event’s legacy while also reinvigorating the festival with new ideas and fresh perspective. Every year, local sponsors have come together to bring literary personalities such as James Lee Burke, Jane Smiley, Bill Kittredge, Charles D’Ambrosio, Gretel Ehrlich, Rick Bass and more to our mountain town. Along with an exciting array of readings, panels and exhibits, we annually host Pie & Whiskey, Erotic Fan Fiction, concerts and parties in downtown Missoula. Against the beautiful mountain backdrop, in a city split by the famous Clark Fork River, summer comes to a close and The Montana Book Festival Comes to life.


Missoula, Montana and Palmerston North, New Zealand have been Sister Cities for over 30 years. In that time the two cities have helped unite cultures and learn from each other through various cultural and educational exchanges. We celebrate this unique relationship with New Zealand Day(s), an event highlighting our longstanding connection with Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Since 2018, Arts Missoula GLOBAL has provided programming for several days, typically a rugby game on Saturday and a film, panel discussion, or similar event on another day, growing New Zealand Day, into a multi-day event. Learn more about Palmerston North, and our Sister City relationship HERE!

Missoula Current, 2018: New Zealand delegation wants to strengthen cultural, trade, tourism ties to Missoula.


  • The Trail, 103.3
  • The Roxy Theater
  • Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club
  • Missoula Youth Rugby
  • Lake Missoula Tea Company

THANK YOU to our wonderful sponsors!

Germanfest Features:

Authentic German Food & Beer

Alpensteuble Guten Eaten food truck will provide traditional German food staples like sausages, schnitzel, leberkäse, potato salad, and pretzels. This year with two stations for quicker service! Bayern Brewery and Summit Beverage supply plenty of beer to go in your new Arts Missoula Authentic Beer Stein. Chilled tea and sodas are available as well.

Live Music

Live Music by Gary Gillette’s OcTUBAfest.  He and his brass band will lead you through German dances and a sing-along.

Authentic German Steins

Authentic German Beer Steins for sale. $40 for unlidded, $50 for steins with a pewter lid. Beer always tastes better when drunk from a true ceramic stein!

We’re so excited to offer our classic Germanfest steins for pre-sale this year! These ceramic steins made in Germany come in two varieties: traditional lidded or unlidded. When you buy a stein before the day of the event, you get $5 off a goodie-stuffed stein and a free beer at Germanfest! You’ll pick up your stein the day of Germanfest at a designated table. Germanfest is September 4 at Caras Park from 2-6 p.m.

Children’s Activities & Sister City Display

German stories in German and English read at the Children Corner under the Caras Park pavilion; coloring and drawing; German children’s games, costumes, and a photo booth!

Germanfest Mini Market

New this year! A selection of German products from various local vendors will be available for purchase.


Germanfest is produced by Arts Missoula GLOBAL with the help of the University of Montana German Department and many dedicated volunteers. For more information on available shifts and to sign up, contact us via email at or give us a call at 406.541.0860.

History of Germanfest

Germanfest began in 1993, with a Pledge of Friendship signed between the two cities by their mayors at the time. Since then, nearly 500 Neckargemünd high school students have come to Missoula, while students who call the Garden City home have had a chance to spend several months in its southern Germany counterpart. Every year the Missoula community gathers at Caras Park to celebrate our sister city connection and the German cultural heritage.

A special THANK YOU to our volunteers

Heidi Starrett, Jack Sturgis, Melissa Blunt, Monte Grise, Jake Kreilick, Liz Ametsbichler, Doug Grimm, Jerry Fetz, HIltrud Arens, Marty Marko, Lisa Moser, Tom Bensen, Susan Israel, Greg Boris, Mark Gahagan, Nancy Fluck, Larissa Fluck, Laurens Fluck, Samantha Fife, Magda Chaney, Dennis McCormick, Nora Schluter, Jesse Gunlock, Robert Gasner, Jaden Morimoto, Keegan Losi, James Garrison, Darrius Longknife, Sean Kellogg, Gavin Carmichael, Makena Howard, Finneas Scott, Lexi Lynn, Barbara Meinx, Jordan Wolf.

A special THANK YOU to our sponsors

Toby Hanson Insurance, Park Side Credit Union, Alpens Guten Eaten Food Truck, Bayern Brewing, Engel & Völkers Real Estate, Worden’s Market, Lake Missoula Tea Company, Karl Tyler’s Missoula Volkswagen, Orange Street Food Farm, Rideg Law, Roemer’s Point S Tire and Auto Service Center, The Trail 103.3 Radio.


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