Arts Missoula has partnered with Americans for the Arts in their Arts and Economic Prosperity reports every year they have conducted this study. This year, we release AEP 6. The study and the results represent 9 months of surveys conducted by Arts Missoula and volunteers from our community. Over 900 surveys were conducted at diverse arts and cultural events across Missoula with special attention on reaching BIPOC and historically underrepresented populations.

Missoula was one of 373 communities across America and the only city in Montana to conduct this research.

To learn more about how the study was conducted and about AFTA’s work on compiling results, click here.


AEP 6 RESULTS – One Page Overview CLICK HERE

Why does Arts Missoula advocate on the national level?

Advocating on the national level is crucial for local art agencies as it empowers them to shape policies that directly impact their communities. By engaging with legislators, Arts Missoula can influence funding allocations, legislative initiatives, and policies that support the arts. This advocacy not only secures financial resources for local artists and cultural programs but also elevates the visibility and importance of the arts in the national dialogue.

Through effective advocacy, we can champion initiatives that foster creativity, inclusivity, and community engagement. This, in turn, contributes to the cultural and economic vitality of their communities, fostering a dynamic environment where artists can thrive. National-level advocacy ensures that the unique needs and perspectives of local artists are considered in broader policy discussions, creating a ripple effect that enhances the overall well-being and identity of the community. In essence, it’s not just about supporting the arts; it’s about cultivating a thriving, interconnected, and culturally enriched community for generations to come.

Check out this video from the 2023 Legislative Fly In for Arts Advocacy Day in Washington DC.

We have a tremendous partner in advocacy through the Montana Arts Council. See their report here about how some of the funding that comes from Congress gets distributed through the Montana Arts Council.


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