Dive deeper into the vibrant arts scene of Missoula, Montana with Missoula Mosaic, a podcast series brought to you by Arts Missoula and the Missoula Broadcasting Company. Each month, learn more about the diverse world of local artists and culture makers across various mediums that define the essence of Missoula. Join Arts Missoula on this cultural exploration through the captivating stories that weave together the soul of our community.

May 2024-A visit with Andy Nelson, Executive Director of The Center, an abundant resource for the LGBTQ+ community in Missoula

Meet  Andy Nelson, the Executive Director of The Center, an abundant resource for the LGBTQ+ community in Missoula.  We chat with him about where he’s from, how he got into theater, and how his experiences in art making have shaped his culture making work.   

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April 2024-A visit with Caitlin Stainken of the Zootown Arts Community Center

Heather Adams visits with Caitlin Stainken, board member of the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC).  The ZACC as it is affectionately known in the community,  with inclusivity and accessibility at the core of its mission has become a beacon for the arts in our community offering youth and adult education, community events,  comedy shows, live music and more. Stainken shares her story of  discovery on her life’s journey that has been filled with various art related endeavours.

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March 2024-The Inaugural Episode of Missoula Mozaic with Rosie Ayers

Missoula Mosaic focuses on the narratives of the local art and culture makers of the garden city: from musicians and dancers to painters, sculptors and more.  This months guest Rosie Ayers- local director, producer and actor sheds a light on the challenges and inspirations of her craft. 

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