Sculpture Missoula is the brainchild of Chuck Leonard and Melissa Blunt. Why, they wondered, doesn’t Missoula, which prides itself in its artistic community, have a space devoted to outdoor sculpture? That question resulted in a collaboration between the city and Sculpture Missoula to create an inclusive, barrier-free space to access sculptural art while establishing a means to support local and regional artists. Space has been provided by the city, while all funding will be provided by Sculpture Missoula through private donations and grants. Artists will be given a stipend in return for displaying their work for two years. During that time, the work will be for sale. Patrons are encouraged to purchase pieces for their own collections or to donate back to the park. If a piece does not sell, the artist can then submit to another sculpture park in another community, thus developing a revenue stream. The plan is for the placement of 10 sculptures over the next two years in Silver Park, with potential for expansion after that. Of course, we are dependent on private funding so we encourage you to donate. Most importantly, we encourage you to come to visit Silver Park as often as you can to enjoy public art! We anticipate the first art call to be in February 2025 with installations beginning August 2025. 

Sculpture Missoula is fiscally sponsored by Arts Missoula. All donations are made to Arts Missoula and held in account for Sculpture Missoula.  Arts Missoula is a 501c3 in the State of Montana.

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