Arts Missoula Grants seeks to provide sustaining funds to assist individual Missoula County artists whose endeavors intersect with the general public. We believe that art is not only important, it is essential in enriching the community, culture, and in building and maintaining a vibrant economy.

This is not a project-based grant per se, but an opportunity to support the individual artists living in Missoula to pursue their creative journey as it relates to connecting with our local area. Special consideration will be given to those whose work and story intersects with, and enhances the community. Entry Deadline is 2/15/23

  • Artist statement
  • Resume
  • Impact statement describing outcomes
  • Budget narrative
  • Work samples
  • Individual artists must be 18 years or older.
  • Must currently be residing in Missoula County for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Must maintain Missoula County residency for the life of the grant.
  • Currently working in the field of visual or performing arts, at any career stage.
  • Must complete the entire online application, submit all work samples, and meet all grant requirements.
  • Must exhibit high artistic quality, innovation, and creativity.
  • Must demonstrate interaction with Missoula community members through exhibitions, installations, performances, or any other events or activities that are accessible to the general public.

Check out the 2022 Arts Missoula Grants Award Winners 

Arts Missoula, the local arts agency for the city and county of Missoula, is proud to award three individual local artist grants in the inaugural Arts Missoula Grants program. The grants are intended to assist each artist establish and grow a Missoula-based livelihood in the arts. Monica Gilles-BringsYellow, Andrew Avakianand Callie Morris were awarded $2,500 in unrestricted funds to allow these artists to work on their craft and help them to bring their creative talents to the Missoula community. You can read about the winners below, and watch them talk about what receiving this grant means to them.

Monica Gilles-BringsYellow

Monica Gilles-BringsYellow is an Indigenous artist based out of the Flathead Indian Reservation and Missoula area. She works in mixed media, specifically acrylic paint, alcohol ink and collage. The focus of her work is to incorporate images of Native American people, and to use her art to highlight and tell their stories, histories, and impacts on this area. This grant will assist Monica in purchasing supplies and materials to explore new mediums, and refine current techniques to help effectively narrate these stories. Purchase Monica’s art here.

Andrew Avakian

Andrew Avakian is a ceramicist whose focus is on creating unique and functional ceramic vessels inspired by architecture, historic vessels, and modern painting. His pieces are a harmony of pattern, color, and geometric abstraction that work together throughout all his works. This grant will allow him to acquire the final pieces of equipment that will bring him closer to maintaining an independent studio, and grow a sustainable career as an artist. Learn more on his website.

Callie Morris

Callie Morris is a musician and performer who is actively embedded in the arts community in Missoula. She hosts a podcast featuring discussions with local musicians and recently released her first studio recording, Operating from the Subconscious. Her work is deeply personal and powerful as she addresses many societal challenges by making positive changes. This grant will help Callie purchase a new keyboard to help her compose and perform her music both in the recording studio and in live venues. Learn more on her website.

These grants are from the Arts Missoula Patron Fund, established this past year for the express purpose of providing substantial grants to local artists so they can positively impact our community through their talent and creativity.  You can support local artists with a donation to our Patron Fund by clicking the button below.

“Arts Missoula is thrilled to be able to provide these funds for our local artists. The establishment of the Patron Fund and the annual grants distributed through it will help to ensure that artistic creativity and expression remain strong throughout Missoula.” 

Heather Adams, Executive Director Arts Missoula

“We recognize the challenges artists face in sustaining a career in the arts. We also recognize the value that these artists bring to our community and culture. Arts Missoula Grants are focused on community-building through the arts, providing financial assistance for individual artists living in Missoula County, whose creative work connects with and enriches our community.”

Monte Grisé, D.M.A. – Arts Education Director, MCPS | Arts Missoula Board Member

For further questions contact Arts Missoula at


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