The Missoula All City Jazz Ensembles is a non-profit organization which was founded in 2017, as an Incubator Program of Arts Missoula, to provide an opportunity for area high school musicians to perfect their skills in an improvisation format separate from their existing high school band programs. The organization is available to provide an educational experience to high school students throughout the Missoula community.  In the winter of 2019, the All-City Jazz program great to include Middle School offerings that currently meet once a week.

High School /Middle School and Band Directors recommend and encourage select students from their respective programs to be involved with this opportunity. The mission of the All City Jazz program is to provide other opportunities in a creative experience for instrumental students through jazz instruction. The methods employed to help enrich the students will be improvisationcreative literature, masterclasses, workshops and performances with nationally acclaimed musicians.  The musical and leadership skills gained can then be shared with their own school programs.  These groups will rehearse weekly and perform 2-3 times per academic year.


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