JOIN US in Congratulating our 2024 Awardees!

We invite you to help us recognize individuals and organizations that have left an indelible mark on the local arts scene.

The Annual Arts and Cultures Awards Reception promises to be a memorable occasion. You will be greeted by Grow Music Missoula’s talented string musicians as you enter the Doubletree. After check in, head into the ballroom for a no host bar and appetizers accompanied by The Queens and Mr. G. Cocktails and appetizers will be following by the awards presentation.

If you are interested in Sponsoring a table, please contact the Arts Missoula office at 406-541-0860.  

2024 Award Sponsors

Micki & John Frederikson

2024 Event Sponsors

Jack Sturgis

John Shaffner

What People are Saying:

“The wonderful folks at Arts Missoula held their 2023 Arts and Cultures Awards Reception this evening and what a tremendous slate of Missoulians recognized for their contributions to the arts, new and old. The arts play such an important role in defining the personality of a community, and Missoula continues to shine brightly. Support for the arts, or as was said tonight, the opportunity to do things with your hands, is the expectation in Missoula, as it should be. The opportunities provided by the Arts for our youngest residents to our oldest, from programs in our schools to cultural events throughout the year, we are lucky to live in this place where people care enough to give back.” – Mike Nugent

Congratulations to the 2023 Award Winners:

Tom Bensen ~ John Engen Cultural Ambassador Award

Julia Galloway of the University of Montana ~ Individual Artist Award

Lewis Nelson of Sentinel High School ~Arts Educator Award

Gary Bowman of Morgenroth Music ~ Business Support of the Arts Award

Liv Swant-Johnson of Word Dog ~ Cultural Vision Award

Julia Tai of Missoula Symphony ~ New to the Zoo Award

2022 Missoula Arts & Culture Awards Reception

Watch the 2022 awards presentation and reception


·The Cultural Ambassador Award, honoring someone who has consistently supported the arts community and cultural diplomacy is awarded to Mayor John Engen.

·The Individual Artist, presented to someone who has shown exceptional achievement in their chosen craft, is awarded to Joy French, founder, choreographer, and dancer of Bare Bait Dance Company.

·The Arts Educator, honoring an outstanding local educator who has devoted a career to teaching the arts, is awarded to Rob Tapper, Professor of Trombone & Director of Jazz Studies at UM.

·The Business Support for the Arts, given to businesses that have provided long-term support to Missoula’s artists and arts organizations, is awarded to Logjam Presents.

·The Cultural Vision Award, honoring artistic and cultural programming, goes to Open Air.


Past Award Recipients

2020 Honorees

2020 Cultural Ambassador: Nancy Matthews

2020 Individual Artist: Margaret Baldridge

2020 Arts Educator: John Combs

2020 Business Support for the Arts: Blackfoot Communications

2020 Cultural Vision: Zootown Arts Community Center

2019 Honorees

2019 Cultural Ambassador: Mark Thane

2019 Individual Artist: Corwin “Corky” Clairmont

2019 Arts Educator: Matt Loehrke

2019 Business Support for the Arts: Kimberley Roth / Merrill Lynch

2019 Cultural Vision: Marc Moss

2018 Honorees

2018 Cultural Achievement: Sharon Snavely

2018 Individual Artist: James Lee Burke

2018 Arts Educator: H. Rafael Chacon

2018 Business Support for the Arts: Montana Public Radio

2018 Cultural Vision: Charlene Campbell Carey

2017 Honorees

2017 Cultural Achievement: Stephen Glueckert

2017 Cultural Vision: Roxy Theater

2017 Arts Educator: Karen Callen

2017 Business Support for the Arts: Downtown Missoula Partnership

2017 Individual Artist: Chuck Florence

2016 Honorees

2016 Cultural Achievement: John Driscoll

2016 Cultural Vision: Clay Studio of Missoula

2016 Arts Educator: Dorothy Morrison

2016 Business Support for the Arts: Flanagan Motors

2016 Individual Artist: Kendahl Jan Jubb

2015 Honorees

2015 Cultural Achievement: William Marcus

2015 Individual Artist: Stephen Kalm

2015 Arts Educator: Karen Kaufman

2015 Business Support for the Arts: Heather Adams, Downtown Dance Collective

2015 Cultural Vision: Michael McGill, MCT Inc.

2014 Honorees

2014 Cultural Achievement: Cathy Capps

2014 Individual Artist: Beth Lo

2014 Arts Educator: Tarn Ream & Lisa Deer

2014 Business Support for the Arts: Missoula Federal Credit Union

2014 Cultural Vision: Joel Baird, MCAT

2013 Honorees

2013 Cultural Achievement: Carol Stovall

2013 Individual Artist: Darko Butorac

2013 Arts Educator: Mohan Kartha

2013 Business Support for the Arts: The Good Food Store

2013 Cultural Vision: Kim Anderson

2012 Honorees

2012 Cultural Achievement: Herb Swick

2012 Individual Artist: David Horgan

2012 Arts Educator: Carla Getz

2012 Business Support for the Arts: Crossings Collaboration

2012 Cultural Vision: Greg Johnson

2011 Honorees

2011 Cultural Achievement: Jim & Marci Valeo

2011 Individual Artist: Michael Marsolek

2011 Arts Educator: Dean Peterson

2011 Business Support for the Arts: 103.3 The Trail

2011 Cultural Vision: International Choral Festival

2010 Honorees

2010 Cultural Achievement: Bruce Micklus, and Don & Pat Simmons

2010 Business Support for the Arts: First Security Bank

2010 Cultural Program of the Year: Amy Martin, Y Music

2009 Honorees

2009 Cultural Achievement: James Todd and Pat Williams

2009 Business Support for the Arts: The Missoulian

2008 Honorees

2008 Cultural Achievement: Tom & Ann Boone and Ray & Susie Risho

2008 Business Support for the Arts: Advanced Litho Printing

2007 Honorees

2007 Cultural Achievement: Lance Boyd, William Kittredge, Jodi Marshall and Laura Millin

2007 Business Support for the Arts: Dana Gallery and Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

2006 Honorees

2006 Cultural Achievement: Alayne Dolson, Joseph Henry and Geoff Sutton

2006 Business Support for the Arts: Allegra Print and Imaging and A.L.P.S.

2005 Honorees

2005 Cultural Achievement: Eugene Andrie, Dana Boussard, Juliette Crump and Annick Smith

2005 Business Support for the Arts: Dollar Rent-a-Car and Gateway Printing

2003 Honorees (Awarded January 2004)

2003 Cultural Achievement: Geoff Badenoch, Sheryl Noethe, Rudy Autio and Gerald Doty

2003 Business Support for the Arts: Southgate Mall and Rockin’ Rudy’s

2002 Honorees

2002 Cultural Achievement: John & Sue Talbot, Theresa Cox, James Welch and Barbara Theroux

2000 Honorees

2000 Cultural Achievement: Terry Conrad, Don Carey, Jim Caron and Monte Dolack

1999 Honorees

1999 Cultural Achievement: Jo-Anne Mussulman, Joseph Mussulman and David Nelson


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