Visit our office located at 1637 S. Higgins Ave. to experience the captivating artworks by a few of our artists who have showcased at our First Friday Pop-Up gallery!

Each piece is available for purchase, providing you with the opportunity to own a unique masterpiece. Arts Missoula serves as a platform for these talented artists, facilitating the sale of their artwork on their behalf for a small commission. Explore the creativity and support local artists in acquiring their extraordinary creations.

Your purchase will support the artist and Arts Missoula. Contact us for purchase details.

Artist: Jayne Piazza, “Pond Essence & Pre-Pond Essence”

30 X 26″ $1,100
27 X 22″, $1,100

Visit Jayne’s Website Here

Artist: Mickey Haldi, “Observation Stance”

18 X 24″, $450

Visit Mickey’s Website Here

Artist: CJ Ash, “Wren in Rome”

36 X 36″, $1,200

Visit CJ’s Website Here

Laura Blue Palmer, “Glacier Moon & Sleepy Skyline”

11 X 14″, Oil, $400
20 X 20″, Oil, $600

Visit Laura’s Website Here


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