Connecting Cultures and Communities by Providing an Interactive Window to the World!

Global and Cultural Affairs (GCA) promotes intercultural awareness and global competence development through professional, individual cultural seminars, complete educational programs and through community events and activities. Services and programming are offered in four branches. For more information on the programming in each branch, please see the links below.

Connect to GCA’s monthly Radio Interviews and Podcasts, the World View Film Series and the International Community Speaker Series. Other projects include: the Year Without A Summer Documentary partnering with Missoula artist Courtney Blazon, and the annual Kiddomatic: International Children’s Film Festival, collaborating with the Roxy Community Theater.

GCA is proud to collaborate with key organizations in Missoula and the state of Montana.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting the GCA website.

Dr. Udo Fluck
Director, Global and Cultural Affairs (GCA)


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