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Fostering Discourse for an Inclusive Community

This branch reaches into the community and adds quality programming, with the goal to boost intercultural awareness and global competence development. It reinforces existing bridges between the diverse communities in the Garden City, and aids in creating new ties by:

  • Linking Missoula to the world and the world to Missoula through the sharing of diverse cultures, traditions, customs and values.
  • Supporting inclusive thinking, communication and collaboration.
  • Collaborating with other organizations to complement and/or enhance existing programming.
  • Facilitating a variety of culturally engaging public presentations, celebrations, performances and exhibits.
  • Hosting affordable, reoccurring entertaining and educational communal events that foster cultural diplomacy.

“Cultural events and activities – such as GermanFest, Missoula on Main (Formerly First Night), and the Sister City Program – create education and engagement opportunities that enrich our understanding of each other and our world. The expansion of the global programming has been especially valuable during this time of division and conflict. These programs open our eyes to new and different ways of viewing the world. Arts and cultural events add a layer of interest to Missoula that impacts how we think, act and treat others.“

Linda K. McCarthy, Executive Director, Downtown Missoula Partnership: A Collaboration of the MDA, BID and MDF

Our goal is to ignite a compassionate community, that enjoys the differences among us, maintains an openness to dialogue and builds partnerships, which allow us to thrive collectively in the dynamic world we live in.

Programming for the Missoula Community is generously supported through the Kreilick Family Foundation. 


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