Radio Interviews

Morning Interviews on The Trail 103.3

In 2019, Missoula radio station, The Trail 103.3, invited Udo Fluck to talk about the World View Films Series at the Roxy Theater, for a few minutes on their Monday Morning Radio Program. The interviews are posted below on Spotify.  Sign up for free Spotify account here to listen in!

Udo Fluck recording International Voices in The Trail 103.3 recording studio.

Radio Interview: December 15, 2019

Radio Interview: November 7, 2019

Radio Interview: October 14, 2019

Radio Interview: September 6, 2019

Radio Interview: May 17, 2019

Radio Interview: February 21, 2019

Radio Interview: January 21, 2019

Guest Spot on Connect Montana

“Missoula International” with Dr. Udo Fluck

From Montana World Affairs Council

Udo joins the Montana World Affairs Council on Connect Montana as part of “Missoula International”, featuring Missoulians sharing their international perspectives, discussing the international aspects of our city and community.

View the live interview from May 19, 2020 here!

International Voices with Udo Fluck

In Spring 2020, we inaugurated International Voices with Udo Fluck, a monthly 30-minute podcast. 10 additional podcasts are scheduled for 2020 and will be published the first Thursday of every month starting in February. They will feature a special conversational guest and inform the listening audience about upcoming new, as well as established international programming events, activities, and collaborations about “all things cultural and global” in the Garden City.

The monthly podcast International Voices is made possible through the generous support of Park Side Credit Union in Missoula. Arts Missoula is a proud member of the 2020 Park Side Partner Program.

Available Now:

May 2020: Global and Intercultural Teaching and Learning in Missoula Elementary Schools

This podcast is PART I, of a two-part series. Udo visits with five elementary school teachers and one principal, on some of the global and intercultural teaching and learning efforts that are taking place in Missoula County Public Schools and the advantages and disadvantages of such efforts. PART II: (Will be released June 2020), Udo will continue the conversation with three MCPS middle school and one high school teacher.

April 2020: Dr. Sarj Patel, about the importance of global communication and collaboration in the fight against COVID-19

Udo visits with Dr. Sarjubhai (Sarj) Patel, neuroscience researcher, president and co-founder of FYR Diagnostics in Missoula, chatting about the importance of global communication and collaboration in situations of extreme crisis and how much we can learn from Asia and Europe, regarding the fight against COVID-19.

March 2020: Mayor John Engen

Udo meets Missoula mayor John Engen at City Hall to talk about cultural programs in Missoula and the importance of multicultural programming in the community.

February 2020: Arts Missoula Executive Director, Tom Bensen

Udo is joined by Tom Bensen, Executive Director of Arts Missoula, to talk about Missoula’s sister city program.

Coming Soon:

International Voices with Udo Fluck: June 2020


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