Radio Interviews:

In 2019, Missoula radio station, The Trail 103.3, invited Udo Fluck to talk about the World View Films Series at the Roxy Theater, for a few minutes on their Monday Morning Radio Program. The interviews are posted below on Spotify.  Sign up for free Spotify account here to listen in!

Morning Interviews on The Trail 103.3
Udo Fluck recording International Voices in The Trail 103.3 recording studio.

Radio Interview: December 15, 2019

Radio Interview: November 7, 2019

Radio Interview: October 14, 2019

Radio Interview: September 6, 2019

Radio Interview: May 17, 2019

Radio Interview: February 21, 2019

Radio Interview: January 21, 2019

Monthly Podcast

In Spring 2020, we will inaugurate International Voices with Udo Fluck, a monthly 30-minute podcast. 10 additional podcasts are scheduled for 2020 and will be published the first Thursday of every month starting in February. They will feature a special conversational guest and inform the listening audience about upcoming new, as well as established international programming events, activities, and collaborations about “all things cultural and global” in the Garden City.

Available Now:

International Voices with Udo Fluck: February 2020

Special Guest: Tom Bensen, Executive Director, Arts Missoula

Coming Soon:

International Voices with Udo Fluck: March 2020

Special Guest: John Engen, Missoula Mayor


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