For over thirty years, Missoula’s annual book festival has paid tribute to the tradition of writing in the West by bringing together authors from across the region. In 2015, what was the Humanities Montana Festival of the Book became The Montana Book Festival as an Incubator Program of Arts Missoula. Since then, The Montana Book Festival has been a grassroots organization, relying on individual donations, grants, corporate sponsorships, a handful of dedicated locals and the enduring support of the Montana literary community to survive. We have worked to build upon the event’s legacy while also reinvigorating the festival with new ideas and fresh perspective. Every year, local sponsors have come together to bring literary personalities such as James Lee Burke, Jane Smiley, Bill Kittredge, Charles D’Ambrosio, Gretel Ehrlich, Rick Bass and more to our mountain town. Along with an exciting array of readings, panels and exhibits, we annually host Pie & Whiskey, Erotic Fan Fiction, concerts and parties in downtown Missoula. Against the beautiful mountain backdrop, in a city split by the famous Clark Fork River, summer comes to a close and The Montana Book Festival Comes to life.


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