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Cup of Kindness for Arts Missoula Patron Fund Loose Caboose has been a fixture in the Missoula landscape for decades. The familiar sight of the red wagons posted in several locations in town promises delicious coffee to “wake up your smile.” They serve up not only an invigorating cup of joe but have also been serving this community for years with their Cup of Kindness campaign.

One day a month, Loose Caboose donates 50% of their daily income from coffee sales to local nonprofits. Arts Missoula Patron Fund was a beneficiary of their generosity last month. We are grateful to the owner Malcolm Lowe and his excellent team for the support for this very important initiative.

Malcolm is an artist himself. A trained actor and singer, he has acted in many MCT performances as well as Shakespeare’s plays and has sung with many musical ensembles. He is the artistic director of MPower Voices, a choir for adults with disabilities. One of their performances takes place in December at the Skate with Santa event at the Glacier Ice Rink where the choir sings Christmas carol favorites. Malcolm is a recipient of the MARCH 2022 Arts Missoula Star Award.

Fundraising for the arts can be difficult but rewarding. We all know the importance of the arts for our well-being and happiness, however, if faced with the choice of helping to eradicate hunger or support art and artists, the latter isn’t always the obvious decision. Loose Caboose’s Cup of Kindness supports these causes as well. Arts Missoula is proud to have found a place among these worthy causes as a beneficiary of their generosity.

If you had a coffee at Loose Caboose on April 19, we thank you for your support! We hope you go back for more of their delicious offerings. Thank you, Malcolm and Loose Caboose crew!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Magda Chaney is the development director of Arts Missoula.


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