Arts Missoula GLOBAL follows the mission of Arts Missoula “connecting Art and Culture through Education, Advocacy, and Community”, offering two popular programs that provide a “window to the world” that are Free and Open to the public.

Since 2018, the World View Film Series (WVFS) and since 2020, the International Voices Podcast (IVP) Arts Missoula GLOBAL is proud to collaborate with the Roxy Theater and appreciates the support of the series. The international and intercultural films of the WVFS are FREE to the public because of the generous sponsorships of these businesses and organizations in Missoula: Rideg Law, US Bank Southside Branch, The Roxy Theater and Lake Missoula Tea Company, The Roxy theater, Pink Grizzly, SG Long, International Rescue Committee, Jeannette Rankin Peace Center and the Montana Educator’s Credit Union (MECU).

The monthly International Voices podcasts in 2023 are exclusively sponsored by Orr McDonnell Lawadvocates for all personal injury, family law and landlord tenant matters.


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