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International Voices was inaugurated in Spring 2020.

The August 2022 episode, features our new executive director, Heather Adams.  Heather talks about her first days on the job and her vision for our organization and arts and culture in our community. 

International Voices aims at informing and educating audiences about current, upcoming, and established international programming, developments, events, activities, and collaborations about “all things cultural and global.”

We have been recently informed that the podcast reaches listeners in 10 countries! The biggest, and most consistent listenership comes from the US, Spain, Germany, Brazil, UK, Romania, NZ, Italy, Netherlands, and Austria. We are so excited! We send our warm hello to all of these listeners.  Please connect with us with suggestions, ideas and comments.  We would love to hear from you!

International Voices is a collaboration between the Missoula Broadcasting Company and Arts Missoula GLOBAL. The goal is to raise awareness for topics that focus on current events with a global focus, supported by intercultural knowledge and international relevance, with topics that range from: Environmental Sustainability, Global Public Health, Social Economic Development, Preservation of Language and Culture, Leadership Development, Global and Intercultural Teaching and Learning, Democracy and Freedom, Creativity During COVID, to Global Issues that require policy solutions.

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