Bare Bait Dance

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(406) 209-9778
1200 Shakespeare Drive, Ste 2, Missoula, MT 59802

Founded in the fall of 2011, Bare Bait Dance offers fresh, original, professional dance-works in Montana for Montanans.

Under the direction of Joy French, Bare Bait Dance company aims to:

– make contemporary dance more accessible to both the Missoula community as well as rural Montanan communities which are largely under served in the performing arts

– collaborate directly with local artists (filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, directors, actors) to create interdisciplinary dance-theatre works

– strengthen the Montanan dance community by providing paid performance jobs to highly skilled professional dancers, nurturing their creative work as choreographers, and facilitating opportunities for them to expand as teachers

– present performers and choreographers from around the region and nation in order to cultivate a richer appreciation for contemporary dance and dance field as a whole.


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