In 2019, University of Montana Media Arts Director and professor Mark Shogren, a twenty-year veteran cinematographer, directed the documentary “Year Without a Summer, Art Erupts: From Missoula to the World”, in which Udo Fluck and Becca MacLean (former Public Arts Coordinator in Arts Missoula) interview artist and illustrator Courtney Blazon in her Missoula studio. Hear from the artist about how her drawing-installation came to life.

Shogren’s films have been seen in numerous film festivals in both, the United States and abroad, including the Ohio Independent Film Festival, The DC Independent Film Festival and the Motovun Film Festival in Croatia. His documentaries have been nominated for prestigious awards for excellence in cinematography and he was the winner of the Best Made in Montana Film at the 2010 Montana Cine International Film Festival. Mark Shogren full bio can be found here.

Please see links below for additional information:

About the Year Without A Summer Project

Final drawings, educational materials, sketches, research materials, and some photos of the work, by Courtney Blazon (2018)

A Year Without Summer — Apocalyptic Paintings of the 1815 Mount Tambora Eruption. Article with additional information on the individual paintings in the series, by Erika Fredrickson (March 18, 2018)


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