Logo for MAMA or Montana Area Music Association. An Arts Missoula incubator program.

From the beginning the Montana Area Music Association has been a connected effort. On January 15th, 2019, two strangers of different musical backgrounds started the conversation at Wave & Circuit in Missoula, Montana. After realizing the musical climate in our community, Maria & Anthony decided to hold meetings to inspire a change. On February 21st, 2019, MAMA held its first official meeting. This meeting of 13 people acted as a sounding board that created the base of what MAMA can become


Montana Area Music Association recognizes the power of a sustainable, connected & supportive local music industry. We work to uplift & inspire impact by: Serving as a resource that connects the music community to opportunity, empowering the music community by advocating and educating in the greater Montana area, creating a healthy & motivated musical environment through partnerships, providing equal opportunity while helping to promote fair pay for working members of our music scene & acknowledging the accomplishment of musicians in Montana.


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