International Wildlife Film Festival and Media Center

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(406) 728-9380
718 S. Higgins Ave. (Roxy Theater)\nMissoula, Montana 59801

The International Wildlife Film Festival, LTD is a 501(c)3 base here in Missoula. Their mission is to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people and nature through excellence in film, television and other media. The mission is fulfilled through outreach and education, and includes the following programs:

-IWFF, our annual wildlife and conservation themed film festival

The Roxy community cinema program, a year round calendar of community-centric films and events

The Montana Film Academy,specializing in youth filmmaking and media education.

Throughout the year they serve a diverse, all-ages population‚ which ranges from grade school children to elders. Their programming offers a rich variety of possibilities, from wildlife and environmental film and new and classic fiction and documentaries, to live music, poetry, performance and other cultural offerings.


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