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Garden City Ballet\nP.O. Box 3555\nMissoula, Montana 59806

“Garden City Ballet (GCB) is the home of Missoula’s very own production of The Nutcracker. They proudly offer this holiday tradition, working with outstanding performers and their families, as well as exceptional teachers, choreographers and guest artists from across the region and country. GCB does not operate its own dance studio. Instead they invite all dancers, regardless of studio affiliation, to audition for what has become a treasured community event.

Garden City Ballet is a community-focused organization, committed to inspiring Missoula dancers and sharing quality performances with Western Montana. Primary goals of GCB include:

  • -Give all Missoula dancers quality performance opportunities in ballet and other forms of dance
  • -Nurture their growth through an ongoing scholarship program
  • -Deliver productions that present the best in the world of dance to our audiences
  • -Fund low-cost performances for school children in Missoula and the surrounding rural areas


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