Families First Learning Lab


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455 E Main St, Missoula MT 59802


For 25 years, Families First has been empowering families through parent education and learning through play experiences. While our facility and program offerings have looked different over the years, the heart of our work has remained the same. In November of 2019, we launched a rebranding campaign that included a name change from Families First Children’s Museum to Families First Learning Lab. The name change to Families First Learning Lab honors the tradition and history of our organization, while also strengthening and deepening the intention and impact of our work. Families First Learning Lab captures the spirit of an organization that is welcoming to all families, inspires hands on learning, and strengthens families through education, connection, play, and partnership. We are thrilled our next organizational chapter involves a move to the new Missoula Public Library opening in the summer of 2020.

Families First Learning Lab will occupy the 2nd Floor of the new facility alongside spectrUM Discovery Area. Each partner in the new facility brings strengths and areas of expertise that collectively propel us one step closer to the shared goal of closing knowledge, opportunity, and achievement gaps for Missoula children and families. While Families First Learning Lab will no longer be a traditional “children’s museum” it WILL BE an inspirational place of learning, growth, and development for families. For the first time in our 25 year history, family education will happen in the same space as hands on learning through play experiences, giving parents a chance to model the skills they learn in workshops with their children. Activities for children and families will be intentional and meaningful and will meet the following goals:

  • Build parenting knowledge and skills through workshops and multi session classes
  • Provide a place and opportunities for social connection
  • Develop social-emotional skills in children through hands on learning through play experiences
  • Link families to professional support systems in time of need
  • Build parental resilience by providing tools and resources to build confidence to navigate challenging times

Hours of Operation:

M: 10-6, T: 10-6, W: Closed, Th: 10-6, F: 10-6, Sa: 10-6, Su: Closed


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