Montana Area Music Association (MAMA) connects and empowers musicians while working to sustain a healthy musical community for the great state of Montana. From the beginning the Montana Area Music Association has been a connected effort. On January 15th, 2019 two strangers of different musical backgrounds started the conversation at Wave & Circuit in Missoula, Montana. After realizing the musical climate in our community Maria & Anthony decided to hold meetings to inspire a change. On February 21st, 2019, MAMA held its first official meeting. This meeting of 13 people acted as a sounding board that created the base of what MAMA can become.

MAMA has an elected leadership team of 6 people who are working hard to spark conversations that will uplift the local music community in Montana. Two of which make up the Baby MAMA’s that represent our amazing college community at the University of Montana. We have 100 members & aspire to have 406 by the end of 2019! MAMA held its first advisory board meeting on August 28th, 2019. We were PROUDLY accepted by Arts Missoula as an Incubator Program on August 16th, 2019.


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