Global and Cultural Affairs

Promoting Intercultural Understanding in Classrooms

This branch offers intercultural and global competence building opportunities in elementary, middle and high schools, as well as in higher education learning environments. Previously, Udo has developed and directed intercultural and global-competence-building programs at the University of Montana between 2004 and 2016. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Udo Fluck developed and offered more than 200 seminars in Lewis and Clark, Rattlesnake and Chief Charlo elementary schools, Meadow Hill and C.S. Porter middle schools and in Hellgate High School. This service can transform students and educators of all grade and age levels to not only be “global-ready” but to be “future-ready”.

  • Working together with teachers to support district-wide learning goals.
  • Designing interactive, tailor-made modules that offer outside opinions and viewpoints to learners.
  • Infusing cultural and global perspectives and content into standing curricula.
  • Assisting with the integration of culturally diverse students in classroom settings to increase retention and student success.
  • Offering professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators and staff.
    • Seminars and Workshops

There is widespread recognition that a comprehensive understanding of cultures and people is critical to the United States’ efforts to protect democratic principles, support social justice, improve economic competitiveness and empower future leaders. This service can prepare participants for success in academia, a career, and citizenship.

Services and programming are made possible through the generous support of the Phyllis and Dennis Washington Foundation.


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