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Dolce Canto began in 2001. The idea for the choir was sparked when several friends who had sung together in other ensembles grew nostalgic for the wonderful a cappella compositions they had studied and performed in high school and college. On a whim, they decided to gather in order to read through some of these works. Satisfied with the outcome of this experiment, the group was inspired to program a public concert. Their premiere performance was well-received, and this led to the official formation of Dolce Canto. The group quickly developed a reputation for musical excellence. Organically, the group has grown from its original eight members to an auditioned ensemble of over thirty fine singers. The choir is comprised of professional musicians, music teachers, community members, and students who share an enthusiasm for choral music. While primarily sticking to its a cappella roots, Dolce Canto has also delved into several accompanied works and has premiered compositions by outstanding living composers.

The choir performs several programs each year for both public and private audiences, and has been featured on programs of 2 Valleys Stage, Madison River Music Festival, Mineral County Performing Arts Series, Sanders County Performing Arts Series, and St. Timothy‚Äôs Summer Music Festival. Since its beginning, it has been a goal of Dolce Canto to encourage young singers to continue their musical studies, and the choir has engaged in multiple outreach activities in public schools throughout Western Montana. Dolce Canto has participated in choral workshops with renowned conductors Anton Armstrong, Brady Allred, Charles Bruffy, and Giselle Wyers; and was showcased in concert during the 2010 Northwestern Division Conference of the American Choral Directors Association. In February of 2013, Dolce Canto was invited to perform in New York City’s Carnegie Hall.

Dolce Canto enriches the lives of its members and audiences by performing exceptional and diverse choral music with compelling artistry and sensitivity.

Dolce Canto endeavors to support its mission and continued existence by:

  • – Performing public concerts;
  • – Participating in local, regional, and international exchanges that build connections between people, encourage engaged citizenship, and promote goodwill;
  • – Contributing to the cultural life of Missoula and the surrounding area through involvement in community events;
  • – Exploring music in a variety of musical styles from a variety of historical periods and cultural origins;
  • – Serving as a resource for music education by engaging with youth and adults throughout Montana in the appreciation, understanding, and enjoyment of great choral music; and
  • – Commissioning and performing original works of vocal music.


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