First Night Missoula 2022

First Night is returning to Missoula after the COVID year of 2020. A year ago, we were all sequestered in our homes on New Year’s Eve, and while we were able to watch the annual Spotlight High School singing competition virtually, we were not able to ring in the new year as a community, as we had done for 25 years. We are excited to see this annual festival make a comeback.

Announcing the Winner of Our Best-Worst Holiday Movie Pitch Competition

Earlier this year, Arts Missoula and Montana Book Festival teamed up to request people’s cheesiest, most-Hallmark-wannabe holiday movie pitches. After careful review of the hilarious, bad-in-a-good-way submissions, we have our winner!

Happy Holidays from Arts Missoula!

As we approach the longest night of the year, and the end of 2021, Arts Missoula, SPARK! Arts and Lacey wanted to be sure to wish everyone a warm, happy holiday season.

Arts Missoula Program Branch Doubled Every Year Since 2018, yup that’s right!

Arts Missoula (AM) is the designated arts agency of the Garden City and many residents in the Missoula community know that. Since spring 2018, the office is also home of the Global and Cultural Affairs (GCA) program, which promotes intercultural awareness and global competence development.

The Power of Arts Education

Our schools should be a reflection of the community they serve. Missoula amongst other things is a vibrant artists community. I feel so strongly about arts in our schools because they are what kept me in school.

SPARK! Arts Shares the Diverse Ways the Arts Flourish in Schools

The Arts Ecosystem currently in place in Missoula County Public Schools is a complex network of interconnected systems that educate students in and through the arts.

Arts Missoula launches new grant program

Missoula is an arts community. That’s not a secret. Every year Missoula finds itself listed in a new national study highlighting our strength in the arts.


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