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Monday, September 13 @ Noon

The Arts Missoula Speaker Series continues on Monday, September 13 at noon.  Creative Generation founder and arts education researcher Jeff M. Poulin is the featured speaker. Jeff joins us during National Arts in Education Week to discuss the importance of arts education. 

ABOUT THE TALK: Now more than ever, arts and cultural education is important to the development of young people and communities. For decades, we have known the impacts of artistic and creative learning, often aligning these outcomes to the primary metrics of decision-makers (i.e. higher test scores, lower dropout rates). Yet, in the last decade, we have seen young people – young artists and creative in particular – apply their artistic and creative skills to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges on a hyper local scale. This causes us to wonder: are we really measuring success in the best ways? Come listen to Jeff M. Poulin share some new research and BIG ideas about how we – as the arts and cultural community – should shift our language, modify our organizational practices, and update our pedagogies to support young artists and creatives as the next generation of changemakers.

ABOUT JEFF: Jeff M. Poulin is the founder of Creative Generation, working to inspire, connect, and amplify the social change work of young creatives and those committed to cultivating their creativity. As a recognized leader in the education and cultural fields, he previously led nationwide arts education programs in Europe and the US, and currently directs large-scale initiatives for global NGOs. A seasoned educator, Jeff teaches at several universities and has spoken to audiences across the United States and in 25+ countries around the globe. Jeff is a tap dancer and mentors young dancers in the U.S. and in the U.K.

We believe that when people get together, great things happen, so please join us via Zoom.  Please send any questions to info@artsmissoula.org.


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